Designing Growth Episode 1: Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves


Welcome to Designing Growth, the podcast that helps owners and founders create the business of their dreams by thinking critically about the most important and often most challenging aspect of growing an agency: client relationships.

Episode Overview

In episode 1, Sam hosts solo to talk about the big problem each of the 3 Co-Founders of faced during their time delivering over 20,000 design projects to clients and how their shared experience ignited a passion to create a software solution to this problem. 

After providing this background information, Sam walks through the team’s process for deciding the key features and benefits of; detailing how the team leveraged a combination of Jobs To Be Done Theory, interviews with potential customers, and user story mapping to make these descisions. 

Finally, Sam talks about the features of, explains why the team’s drive to build the best product possible led them to launch this podcast now, and discusses how you can become a founding customer of

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