A Project Progress Tracker that Makes Sense

Motion.io’s project progress tracker makes it simple to automatically share & track each project’s progress and status with your clients so you can keep them in the loop and get rid of busy work.

Automatically Share the Project Progress with Your Client

motion's project dashboard

A Simplified Progress Tracker


Set milestones & stages in a project, and Motion.io automatically creates the progress tracker for you.

Update Progress in Seconds


As tasks get marked as complete, the progress tracker fills up proportionally. And once a milestone is hit, or a stage is completed, the project progress bar automatically reflects that.

motion.io's project progress tracker is nearly full
making a task private in motion.io

Keep Internal Work Private


No longer does your team need to manage two projects, one internal and one to be shared with a client. Just click the Lock toggle on any task, and all of the task details and conversations are hidden from your clients and the progress tracker.

motion co-founders

Built by Designers, for Designers

Our Founding Team at Motion.io knows the challenges of design work firsthand; we delivered over 10,000 web design projects in our previous agencies. While each of our agencies was unique, we all shared the same big problem:

Creative projects get stuck. Constantly.

Even though we all faced the same challenges, no software solved them properly. That’s why we’re building Motion.io.

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