Announcing Motion.io’s Client Portal

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Client Portal functionality! With this new feature, clients can now see all of their outstanding action items, and their due dates, and complete them in a streamlined and efficient manner.

As the Admin on the project, you can also preview what your client sees, providing clear transparency and visibility into your client-facing view.

This addition is a significant milestone for Motion.io as it helps you better manage your workflows and enhance your overall client experience.

What is the Motion.io Client Portal?

Motion.io’s Client Portal organizes all outstanding and completed requests you have made of your client in a centralized location. Your client is automatically directed to the portal after completing a request.

Here’s what it looks like for your client:

Motion.io Client Portal via the Client View

From the Admin side, there is an ability to preview the portal so that you can see what your Client can see. Here’s a GIF showing how:

From working on thousands of client projects, the team at Motion.io understands first-hand that without a centralized system like Motion.io, requests can easily fall through the cracks or become lost in a sea of emails or paper-based processes. This can result in missed deadlines, delayed projects, and a poor client experience.

By providing your clients with a portal that displays their outstanding requests and due dates, you can streamline your workflows and more easily track and organize all requests. This will help reduce the risk of missed deadlines, improve client communication, and ultimately enhance the overall client experience.

Are you ready to stop chasing clients for the information you need? Then give Motion.io a try!

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Motion.io slides into your existing process and project management software, helping you deliver exceptional client experiences while streamlining project completion.

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