What Does It Mean to Be a Founding Customer of Motion.io?

Why does Motion.io have a Founding Customer program?

As a startup, we’re currently in the pre-product phase. 

What this means for us is that after months of discussion, research, interviews, and user-story story mapping we feel confident answering “Who is Motion.io for, what does it do, and how does it help them?” for development to have officially begun. But, we don’t have a yet have a product that’s publicly available for anyone to use.

While we’re excited and incredibly optimistic that Motion.io will help keep projects moving by providing the features, functionality, and focus that project management solutions miss the mark on, it’s impossible to know this for certain without hearing from the people who will actually be using it.

Our desire to get real feedback from real people who work on client design projects every day is the ultimate driver behind why our Founding Customer Program exists.

What benefits do I get as a Founding Customer?

As a Founding Customer, you’ll get the first chance to directly influence a product that solves your problems, something almost unheard of in the SaaS (Software as a Service) space. 

But, the benefits of being a Founding Customer extend far past that…

As a Founding Customer, you’ll also get early access to the platform when it launches along with unlocking exclusive discounts, free swag, and lifetime white-glove support for as long as you use Motion.io. 

How do I become a Founding Customer? 

In our weekly emails to Launch List subscribers, we’ll be sending out opportunities to participate more closely in the development of Motion.io.

 These opportunities will be in form of invitations, inviting you (and anyone else on the Launch List) to do things like give us feedback on features, participate in testing, or simply allow us to ask you questions about your process of working with clients.

In exchange for donating your time, expertise, and insights to help us make Motion.io the best product possible, you’ll become a Founding Customer.

What do you say, ready to become a Founding Customer?

To get started, click here to join our Launch List.

As a Launch List Subscriber, each week you’ll receive our Designing Growth newsletter, which will include a roundup of all the great content we’re putting out, product updates, and opportunities to get involved with development that will put you on the path to becoming a Founding Customer.

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