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Learn why Motion.io is trusted by event planners & wedding planners as their preferred project management and client portal tool.

Simple project management, built for Event Planners like you

Intuitive project timelines

Motion.io breaks down complex event timelines into an intuitive client view that feels calming to your clients.

Client intake forms

You can gather all the essential details directly in Motion.io, such as vendors, budgets, style choices, significant family members, and everything else needed to plan and run your client’s event smoothly.

Automated reminders

If your client still needs to provide the necessary details, Motion.io can be customized to send gentle, automated reminders to nudge them along.

Customizable action items

Assign action items to yourself, your team, or your client to ensure events go off without a hitch.

Simple Due Date Adjustments

If a timeline changes, update one due date, and you can have Motion.io intuitively adjust all other dates based on that one change.

Project "Welcome" Pages

Customize your client portal welcome page any way you’d like: Add a Loom video, link to important files or folders, or embed a scheduling widget. 

Features Event Planners love in Motion.io

Motion.io Visual Feedback

Visual Feedback


Share seating charts, event timelines, relevant designs, and more within Motion.io. Your client provides feedback simply by clicking and leaving a note. 

Learn more about Visual Feedback –>

Progress Tracker


Help your clients understand the big picture by breaking things down with Motion.io’s Progress Tracker.

Every event planning process is broken down into Stages, so your client can see how things will come together.

Motion.io Progress Tracker
Motion.io Client Dashboard

Client Dashboard

Motion.io’s client portal empowers your clients to upload files, provide content, give feedback, or whatever other action items are required.

Learn more about the client dashboard –>

Project Welcome Page

As an event planner, Motion.io’s client portal is your client’s home base. Embed Loom videos, outline high-level (or granular) details, link to important files… Whatever you need to assure your client you got this.

Motion Client Portal Welcome Area
motion co-founders

Why we built Motion.io:

At Motion.io, our founding team knows the challenges of design work firsthand; we delivered over 10,000 design projects in our previous agencies. While each of our agencies was unique, we all shared the same big problem:

Creative projects get stuck. Constantly.

Despite similar challenges, no software solved our problems. Motion.io does.

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