Client portal software for event planners

Collect the decisions, files, creative feedback, and content you need from your clients without the headaches of chasing them down.

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Deliver a modern client experience to your event planning clients

Design Feedback

Via a simple, intuitive interface, your clients easily provide feedback on seating plans, event imagery, or other creative assets by leaving ‘sticky notes’ on any files you send them.

Client Intake Forms

Gather the essential details, such as vendors, budgets, style choices, significant family members, and everything else needed to plan and run your client’s event smoothly.

File Sharing

Share files with your clients, or request files from them. From seating plans, music lists, contracts, or other event assets, all via your white-labeled client portal.

White-labeled Client Portals

White-labeled Client Portals keep your brand front & center to your clients, providing a remarkable client experience that your competitors are unable to.

Streamlined Messaging

Say goodbye to confusing and endless email threads: client portals keep messaging simple with well-organized and searchable communication between your team & your clients.

Automated Reminders

Stop chasing clients for the information you need:  Motion.io sends reminders to them to make project decisions at whatever cadence you decide.

Features Event Planners Love in Motion.io

White-labeled Client Portals
As an event planner, Motion.io’s client portal is your client’s home base. It’s important that it remains on-brand. As such, you can customize your client portal with your business’s colors and logo.
Image & Design Feedback

Share seating charts, event timelines, relevant designs, and more within Motion.io. Your client provides feedback simply by clicking and leaving a note.

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Picture in a browser window showing an admin user setting the frequency for automatic email reminders when sending a form completion task to a client.
Automated Follow-ups = No More Chasing Clients

Managing dozens of events is hard enough without chasing down your clients for information. Let Motion.io handle this for you: Set a custom reminder cadence to automatically notify clients of what they must submit via their Client Portal. and by when.

Motion.io handles all of the rest.

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No Logins Required

Your clients don’t need to learn a new platform. They don’t even need to remember a login!

Any time Motion.io emails your clients, they are sent a Magic Link that auto-authenticates them into your client portal. Nothing further needed from you.

Simple & powerful admin dashboard

Motion.io’s simple yet powerful admin dashboard makes it easy to keep track of client tasks, forms, files and communication shared during a project.

Add files & resources to your client portals, assign tasks, and view a log of all activity through one simple dashboard.

motion co-founders

Why we built Motion.io:

At Motion.io, our founding team knows the challenges of design work firsthand; we delivered over 10,000 design projects in our previous agencies. While each of our agencies was unique, we all shared the same big problem:

Creative projects get stuck. Constantly.

Despite similar challenges, no software solved our problems. Motion.io does.

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