Get what you need from clients on time, every time

Motion.io’s client tasks replace back-and-forth emails and endless threads.

Eliminate back-and-forth emails

Anything you need customers to do, sign, submit, or approve can be added to tasks they complete in their portals.

Automate follow-ups

Set due dates and toggle on reminders to automatically notify customers of tasks you need them to complete.

Make task management easy
Empower your team to eliminate roadblocks with clear visibility into the status of client tasks across projects.

Stop chasing clients down for information

Choose from 5 powerful task options to add anything you need customers to do directly to tasks they can complete in their Motion.io client portals.

Embed websites & software
Paste shareable links or iFrame embed codes into tasks to connect external tools and allow customers to schedule appointments, make payments, and more without leaving their portals.
Collect files

Create file collection tasks to get documents, brand assets, and any other information your team needs, organized all in one place. 

Attach forms
Add forms built with Motion.io’s drag-and-drop builder to client tasks. If information is needed after a form is submitted, flag it as “Incomplete” to let your customers know and allow them to make your requested updates.
Image show how an admin user of Motion.io can attach a form to a client after that form is created using Motion.io's drag-and-drop-form builder
Feedback & approvals

Attach images, videos, and PDFs to client tasks to have customers review, annotate, and approve files you send them.

Require signatures

Collect customer signatures on contracts, scope of work agreements, and more. Toggle on the “Require Signature” task option to automatically add a signature field to the bottom of files or forms attached to tasks. 

Image showing a client task in Motion.io that features an attached form and requires the client to sign.

Designed for service businesses

Motion.io slides into your existing process and technology to automate workflows and deliver an exceptional client experience — no complicated setup required.