A better way to work with clients

Motion.io combines client portals with automated workflows to save you time and keep projects moving.
Retain hard-won clients
Keep clients engaged with a central hub that connects all communications & tools.
Keep client projects moving

Create automated workflows to reduce the number of emails, meetings, and manual tasks.

Get clear project visibility
Track the status of each project to identify & eliminate roadblocks and bottlenecks.


client emails, phone calls, and meetings

3 x


in client engagement during projects



collection of client information

Workflow automation + client portal software

Motion.io’s blend of client portal and workflow automation software enables your business to accelerate onboarding, streamline client communication, and eliminate manual tasks.

Client tasks

Motion.io’s client tasks replace back-and-forth emails and endless threads. Set due dates and toggle on reminders to automatically notify customers of anything you need them to do, sign, submit, or approve.

Client portals
Assign tasks, share files, and connect to 1000s of other software tools to give customers access to everything they’ll need in loginless and fully white-labeled client portals.
Automated workflows

Create automated workflows that keep projects moving while reducing the number of emails, meetings, and manual tasks required of your team.

Feedback & approvals
Attach images, videos, and PDFs to tasks and have customers review, annotate, and approve files you send them directly in their client portals.
Document collection

Stop chasing down customers to get the signatures, files, and documents you need. Create file collection requests to get the information your team needs from clients when you need it, organized all in one place. 


Have clients submit support requests directly in their client portals to empower your team to manage tickets and communicate with customers in a centralized dashboard.

Built for service businesses like yours

  • Provide a central hub for your clients that connects all your existing tools.
  • Streamline client onboarding & elevate their experience.
  • Scale operations by onboarding clients faster & more securely.
  • Collect & organize client assets, approvals, and deliverables.
  • Request and collect client information, month-end reports, and end-of-year tax information. 
  • Onboard clients easily and securely.
  • Centralize communications, reports, and client engagement.
  • Collect approvals and documents faster and more efficiently.
  • Templatize and accelerate new client onboarding processes.
  • Use Motion.io to get documents back from clients faster than email.
  • Increase engagement and accelerate onboarding timelines.
  • Keep stakeholders updated and informed during implementation. 

What customers have to say

Jess Tebben - Crown Jewel Marketing
Jess Tebben

Crown Jewel Marketing

“Our team was initially attracted to Motion.io’s file approvals because we were having trouble collecting client feedback in a timely and clear manner, but soon realized it could streamline our process even further. Motion.io has become an integral tool for client onboarding, enabling us to collect assets and information before projects begin. It’s made a huge difference in how smoothly we operate.”
Rambow Logo (3)
Bryan Rambow

Rambow SEO

“I realized early on that Motion.io’s client tasks and automated reminders would make my life easier, but what surprised me was how much my clients loved using it. Clients have been ecstatic about being provided with a central hub where they can easily provide information, access campaign information, and see what is going on in a project without creating another account or logging in.”

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