Helpdesk & support ticketing in white-label client portals

Motion.io’s built-in Helpdesk provides clients an easy way to submit support requests and empowers your team to manage tickets and communicate with customers in a centralized dashboard.

Provide ongoing support without the stress.

One home base for customer support
Instead of explaining a new process or tool, enable clients to submit support requests by accessing the same Motion.io portal they’re already familiar with.
Resolve support tickets faster
Client messaging, internal notes, and ticket status tracking give your team the tools to delight customers and quickly address support requests.
Elevate your client experience
Customers submit support tickets through white-label client portals, which they can access at any time without logging in or creating an account.

A customer-first ticketing platform that unifies customer support with project management

Loginless client access
Simple and secure, customers can submit tickets, communicate with your team, and view outstanding support requests by clicking a magic link – no account creation or login is required.
Centralized dashboard
Track the status of all customer support tickets and communicate with the clients that submit them in a single dashboard. 
Internal notes

Add internal notes to loop in other team members or provide additional clarification on tickets without worrying about clients seeing the behind-the-scenes shop talk.

The project management platform built for client work

Everything you need to manage client projects in one place. No bells and whistles; just the tools you need to complete client projects faster.