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Why Motion.io?

Motion.io lets you collect client information, share deliverables, automate workflows, and manage team tasks within white-labeled client portals.

White Label Portals

Provide your clients with one place for all of the files, forms, tasks, and messages, all branded to your business.

Flexible Portal Pages

Integrate your other tools and static information directly into Motion.io so your clients have a central hub for everything.

Seamless Onboarding

Automate the collection of files, feedback, and forms and give clients access to everything they need in a single portal.

Simple for Your Client

Simple and secure, clients complete ‘To-Dos’ by clicking a magic link sent to their email – no account or login required.

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Jess Tebben - Crown Jewel Marketing
Jess Tebben

Crown Jewel Marketing

“Our team was initially attracted to Motion.io’s file approvals because we were having trouble collecting client feedback in a timely and clear manner, but soon realized it could streamline our process even further. Motion.io has become an integral tool for client onboarding, enabling us to collect assets and information before projects begin. It’s made a huge difference in how smoothly we operate.”
Rambow Logo (3)
Bryan Rambow

Rambow SEO

“I realized early on that Motion.io’s client tasks and automated reminders would make my life easier, but what surprised me was how much my clients loved using it. Clients have been ecstatic about being provided with a central hub where they can easily provide information, access campaign information, and see what is going on in a project without creating another account or logging in.”

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