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Sapphire OBM has a track record of effectively implementing a diverse range of software tools across various business needs. Their adaptability and quick learning capabilities enable them to assist clients with multiple software platforms, both familiar and new. This proficiency ensures that they can readily adapt to the unique needs of each client, offering tailored solutions regardless of the software environment.

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Sapir Ashkenazi stands at the forefront of Sapphire OBM as a Certified Online Business ManagerĀ®, bringing a vibrant mix of warmth and dynamic professionalism. Her role as a Licensed Social Work Manager, coupled with her deep expertise in Organizational Management and Leadership, has been instrumental in transforming NYC non-profits and City agencies. Sapir's leadership is not just about strategy; it's about making a meaningful impact. Her approach at Sapphire OBM is deeply rooted in principles of integrity, empowerment, and empathy, making her adept at navigating the digital landscape with a powerful, empathetic touch that resonates with each client's unique journey.


Organizational Development

Strategic Planning

Project & Launch Management

Team Management

Operations Management

Change Management