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I am Certified Online Business Manager. I also offer coaching on becoming a virtual assistant and part of that includes introducing them to technology they can use to support their clients. I am experienced in 40+ online platforms.

Amber Johnson Glasgow

Virtual Administrative Solutions

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Meet Amber, a Certified Online Business Manager with 14 years of experience in Administrative Support. In the last 7 years, she has focused on the online world, providing administrative and technical assistance to coaches with 6 & 7-figure businesses. Amber sees herself more as a support system than a wizard. Her aim is to help entrepreneurs navigate daily operational challenges, allowing them to concentrate on the heart of their businesses. She believes in the value of "Taking over the 'hard' work so you can do the 'heart' work," empowering her clients to focus on creativity and strategy. Away from work, Amber is a mother of two, aiming for a harmonious work-life balance. Her love for the beach provides moments of solace and inspiration whenever time permits. In her interactions, Amber brings not only expertise but a sincere passion for aiding and uplifting businesses. With her support, your business isn't just managed; it moves forward. As a Certified Online Business Manager, Amber considers herself a humble partner in your success, committed to making your journey not just productive but fulfilling.


- Website Design and Management

-Tech and Automations Setup & Support

- Online Business Management

- Virtual Assistant Coaching

- Operations Management

- Business Planning


- Tech Audits

- Product Launches

- Monday.com

- Wix

- System Setup & Optimization