How do you connect Typeform Forms to Motion.io?

Ready to harness the power of TypeForm from your Motion.io portal? Let’s do it! 

Connecting Typeform Forms to Motion.io:

Step 1:

From your Typeform form, first “Publish” the form so that people can view your form without being logged in. 

Step 2:

Locate the “Share” section (between Connect and Results) to launch the Sharing options. 

Copy the link to your clipboard and head to the next step. 

Step 3:

In your Motion.io account, select the client portal you’d like to add the Typeform form to from the left-hand sidebar, then navigate to Settings > Integrations > Add Tab.

In the Integration Tab editor, give your Tab a client-facing name in the “Title” section and enter any additional information for the client in the “Description” area.

Step 4:

Finally, click the “App Embed Code” dropdown near the bottom of the Integration Tab Editor and paste the generated link you copied from Typeform into the window. Click “Save.”

Step 5:

Time to check out your Motion.io portal – your Typeform is now live! 

Final thoughts:

That’s it! Your Typeform Forms are now integrated into your Motion.io portal and ready to share. 

What will you integrate next?

At last, a simple client portal

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