How to Automatically Send AI Meeting Notes to Clients

AI note-takers in Zoom calls are EVERYWHERE. If a company uses AI to take meeting notes, everyone likely has an Otterbot, Fathom, or Fireflies note taker. And if multiple people are in a call, their AI note taker will follow each of them. It’s sometimes a little silly, being on a call with five people and five robot note-takers, right?

But these AI note-takers can be valuable for businesses, especially those doing client-facing work. These AI tools often create meeting summaries, and you can leverage Motion.io and Zapier workflow automations to send notes to your client for review and clarification automatically.

Below, I will walk you through combining Motion.io, Zapier, and your favorite AI note-taker to send client meeting notes for review automatically.

Enhancing Client Meetings with Automated Notes

Automated meeting notes are a huge benefit when it comes to client meetings. Instead of scrambling to write down every important point, you can focus on the conversation and building relationships. After the meeting, you can send your clients a professional, well-organized summary, which helps ensure everyone is on the same page and reduces the risk of miscommunication.

Plus, having a record of discussion notes can be invaluable for future reference. No more digging through old emails or trying to remember what was said in a meeting three months ago.

And by integrating Motion.io with your AI Note Takers, you can:

  • Streamline your workflows
  • Increase productivity
  • Have a paper trail of transparancy of clients signing off on meeting notes and action items

There are a multitude of AI note-takers out there. For the sake of this article, we’re just going to focus on Fathom, although please leave a note in the comments if you want us to expand to other tools, like Fireflies or Otter. I’m also going to assume you have the tool set up correctly within Zoom or Google Meet; no need to waste your time with a tutorial on how to set these tools up.

OK. Let’s hop in!

How to Send Fathom AI Meeting Notes to Clients with Motion.io

If your team utilizes Fathom’s AI notetaker for client meetings, you can use Zapier to automatically send meeting transcripts to your Motion.io portals and have clients confirm they received them.

This guide will explain how to create a Zap that automatically creates a file approval task for clients to complete whenever Fathom generates a meeting transcript.

📢 Note: To follow the steps in this guide, you’ll need to sign up for a Zapier account and connect it to Motion.io. If you need instructions on how to do this, click here.

Important Setup Details for Fathom & Motion.io

Before diving in, there are a few things helpful to point out about the way this Zap operates:

  • For this Zap to work correctly, the name of your client meetings in Fathom must match the name of the corresponding client’s project in Motion.io. 
  • Because Fathom’s Zapier integration doesn’t allow automatic exporting of transcripts as PDFs, there is an additional that uses Google Docs to do this. 

Before You Begin: Create a Google Docs Meeting Note Template

To successfully set up this Zap, you must create a template in Google Docs that can be exported as a PDF and attached to client tasks in Motion.io. To do this, open Google Docs and create a new document titled “Meeting Notes Template.”

Using double brackets, add values to the template document you want to map information from the Fathom transcript. While values for {{date}} and {{invitees}} are optional, for this Zap to operate correctly, you must at least add a value for {{transcript}} to your template document. 

Click here to copy our Google Docs Meeting Notes template; just click File > Make a copy and copy it to your Google Drive to get started.

Step 1: Add a Trigger Event

When creating a Zap, you must always add a “Trigger” as the first step. To specify your trigger event, click the “Trigger” box, search for “Fathom,” and select the “New Transcript” event.

Step 2: Add an Action to “Create Document from Template” with Google Docs

After configuring your Zap trigger, add an action using Google Doc’s “Create Document from Template.” In the “Action” tab, select your meeting notes template as the “Template Document” and map the meeting title from the trigger to the field titled “New Document Name.”

Towards the bottom of the “Action” tab, map any additional information you’d like to add from the Fathom Transcript to specific values in the Google Template you created. At a bare minimum, you’ll need to map the plaintext transcript from fathom to the “transcript ” field in the Zapier action. 

Step 3: Add an Action to “Create Task” in Motion.io

Add a final step to your Zap that uses Motion.io’s “Create Task” action and map the fields for the action as follows:

  • Project Name: Map this field to the Fathom meeting title pulled in from the trigger event.
  • Task Title: Enter a custom value for the title of each Motion.io client task this Zap will create, for example, “Review Meeting Notes.”
  • Files: Map this field to the “Export Links Application Pdf” value generated by the “Create Document from Template” in Google Docs. 
  • Filenames: Enter a custom value for the meeting notes file name, for example, “Meeting Notes.”
  • Files need approval: If you want to request client approval on the meeting notes, select “True.”
  • Active: If you’d like the client task to automatically become active and show in the client’s portals after it’s created, select “True.” 

Next Steps to Send AI Meeting Notes to Clients via Motion.io

And that does it! The next step to implement this is to use it on your Motion.io account! If you already have an account, please follow these instructions and let us know how it goes.

If you don’t yet have a Motion.io account, sign up for a trial and see why we are the best client portal & onboarding software out there. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you run into any issues while setting up this Zap; we’re happy to help!

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