Full Release Announcement: Motion.io Customizable Client Portal Software

We’re thrilled to announce that the FULL version of Motion.io is now live for all users. 

This latest release represents countless hours of hard work by our team, and we couldn’t be more excited to get Motion.io into the hands of creative businesses everywhere to help them save time, save money, and deliver a best-in-class client experience that puts them miles ahead of their competitors. 

Announcing Motion.io: Customizable Client Portal Software

Motion.io’s white-label client portals provide your clients with one place for all the files, forms, tasks, and messages associated with their projects. Assign tasks, share files, and embed your favorite apps in fully customizable & loginless portals both you and your clients will love.


Loginless client experience

Simple and secure, clients access their portals (as well as any tasks assigned to them) by clicking a magic link sent to their email – no account creation or login required.

White-label client portals

Client portals in Motion.io are fully white-labeled, giving you the ability to upload a logo, choose a primary color, and personalize the sending name on all emails sent to clients.

Client tasks

Assign tasks that notify clients of upcoming “To-Dos” and set a custom reminder sequence to send automatic follow-up emails until tasks you assign are completed.

In additional to notifying & reminding clients via email, tasks you assign to clients automatically populate in their client portal.

Currently, there are four types of client tasks available in Motion.io:

  1. Send forms: Select a form built in Motion.io and have your client complete it. Motion.io tracks submissions and automatically follows up with your client until the form is submitted.
  2. Collect files: Have your client provide documents, content, or images via an intuitive interface they can use without creating an account or navigating an unfamiliar piece of software.
  3. Assign to do’s: Send your client a checklist of ‘To-Dos’ they can check off as completed. Include an optional description with clarifying information or links to external websites with each action item.
  4. Get feedback on an image: Take the guesswork out of your feedback process by having your client pin comments directly on images you send them. Leave your feedback request open-ended or prompt clients to answer questions about specific aspects of an image.

Automated reminders

Stop chasing down clients to get the forms, files, or information you need. Set custom reminder cadences to automatically remind clients what they need to do or submit.

Files library

Instead of digging through your email inbox to find specific images, documents, or mockups associated with a client or project, every portal you create comes with a library that provides quick access to all the files you and your clients upload, along with their associated tasks.

Custom tabs

Create custom tabs within your portals to give clients easy access to project updates, third-party software, and any other information or resources they might need.

Endless integrations

Integrate software you already use directly in your Motion.io client portals. Connect Google Drive, ClickUp, Calendly, Notion, Dubsado, Airtable and countless others by embedding them into custom tabs with Motion.io

The future of Motion.io

We’re incredibly excited to release this full of version of Motion.io, but our job of building the best Client Portal Software for web design, branding, and marketing agencies is far from finished.

The businesses we’ve spoken to throughout development of Motion.io have been vital to our success thus far, and feedback from our users will continue to drive new features, functionality, and integrations.

Here’s a quick peak into some of the things we’ll be working on over the coming months, all recommended to us by real-life users:

  • Client messaging/chat
  • Team member roles/permissions
  • Templates for client portals and client tasks
  • Native functionality for payments and contracts
  • Direct connection to Zapier

Final thoughts

If you’re interested in trying out Motion.io, we’d love for you to sign up for a free account and let us know what you think.

If you create a free account by 8/31/23, we’ll even give you a 50% first-year discount for as many team member accounts as you need once we launch paid subscription plans this September.

Client Portals Built for Creatives

Motion.io’s white-label client portals provide your clients with one place for all the files, forms, action items, and messages associated with their projects.

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