How do you connect other tools to Motion.io?

Have a tool you want to connect to Motion.io but don’t see instructions for it?

So long as the tool you want to connect provides an iFrame embed code, you can integrate it directly into Motion.io portal pages — even if we haven’t created instructions for it yet.

Read the FAQs below to learn more about how software integrations work in Motion.io. 

Integrations FAQs

How do integrations work in Motion.io?

In addition to the portal pages added by default (Welcome, Tasks, Files, Chat, and Help Desk) when you create a new portal in Motion.io, by creating portal pages of your own, you can give clients easy access to other resources, links, and third-party tools they'll need throughout a project.

How do I connect tools to portal pages?

Using Motion.io's integration pages, you can quickly connect any tool you're using that provides an iFrame embed code and make that tool accessible to clients within dedicated pages in the left-hand sidebar of their portals.

To connect a tool you're using to an integration page in Motion.io, all you have to do is paste the code provided by that application into the 'App Embed Code' section of a integration tab you're editing.

Can I add content to portal pages other than embedded apps?

Adding an iFrame embed code or URL is optional, and you can use integration pages for anything you want clients to have easy access to during a project.

In addition to providing clients access to external software, portal pages make a perfect home base for things like welcome/walkthrough videos, project roadmaps, and any other helpful links or information.

If the tool I want to connect doesn't provide an iFrame embed code, what should I do?

There are two options for making regular links accessible to clients through portal pages:

1. Paste a shareable URL for the tool into the 'App Embed Code' field

In addition to adding iFrames to the 'App Embed Code' section, you can also add shareable URLs. When you paste a URL into the 'App Embed Code' field of the integration page editor, Motion.io will wrap the link in an iFrame to make that URL display visually for clients.

1. Add links in the 'Description' area

When editing an integration page, paste the link or links you want to make accessible to clients into the 'Description' section. However, please note that URLs added this way will display as text-based links instead of embedded software.

The tool I want to connect isn't listed on your integrations page; can it still be connected to Motion.io?

So long as the tool you want to connect provides an iFrame embed code or shareable URL, you can integrate with Motion.io by adding it a portal page..

In addition to tools that provide an iFrame embed code, most (but not all) tools that provide shareable links can also be connected to portal pages in your Motion.io client portals.