How do portal templates work in Motion.io?

Portal templates in Motion.io allow you to automatically bring in all of the pages, tasks, and files you know you’ll be using in new portals you create without starting from scratch each time.

Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about how portal templates work in Motion.io.

Portal Templates FAQs

How do I create a portal template?

Turning a portal you've created into a reusable template is straightforward. After selecting the portal you want to use as a template from the left-hand side of your admin dashboard, click Setup > Settings and activate the toggle labeled "Use this portal as a template."

How do I create a new portal from a template?

To create a new client portal from a template:
  1. <Click the "Templates" tab in the left-hand sidebar of your Motion.io admin dashboard.
  2. From there, click the "Create portal" button to the right of the template you'd like to use.
  3. In the pop-up window that appears, give your new portal a name and click "Create Portal."

If I've already invited clients to a portal, can I still use it as a template?

While we recommend setting up a client portal for the specific purpose of using it as a template (and giving it a descriptive name like 'Project Template'), we realize there may be times when it's faster & easier to turn a live portal you're using with clients into a template.

When using a portal you've already invited clients to as a template, Motion.io will not modify anything within the original -- making it safe for you to set it as a template you can use to create new portals. Additionally, portals you create from templates do not bring in any of the clients associated with them, and any tasks that are brought in will best be set to the "Draft" state with the assignees removed.

When creating a new portal from a template, what parts of the original get brought it?

When creating a new client portal from a template, Motion.io will automatically bring in all the files, tasks, and pages associated with the original portal used to generate the template. Any client tasks within the new portal you created from the template will be set to the "Draft" status with the assignees removed.

Important note: Any clients invited to the original portal your template is based on will not be added to new client portals you create from the template. Internal team members associated with your account are automatically added to all new portals (both when creating a portal from a template or from scratch). However, if you want to remove team members from a portal, you can do so at any time by navigating to the "Users" tab within that portal.

After creating a new portal from a template, can I remove things I don't want/need?

Yes. After creating a new portal from a template, you're able to remove any of the tasks, files, comments, and portal pages automatically brought in from the original portal the template is based on.

When editing a template, do changes I make effect the "live" version the portal template is based on?

Yes. Clicking the "Edit" button in your admin dashboard's "Templates" tab is no different from selecting a portal from the list in the left-hand sidebar and editing it that way. Because of this, it's important to note that when you edit a template created from a portal you have invited clients to, changes will appear in the "live" version to which those clients have access.