Project Planning & Updating, Made Simple

Planning and updating your projects shouldn’t be a nightmare; Motion.io makes managing tasks, setting Client action items, sharing deliverables, and updating deadlines a breeze, allowing you and your team to remain productive and focused.

Features That Make Project Planning a Breeze, not a Nightmare

create a new project from an existing one in motion.io

Simple project templating


Start a new project from scratch, or copy an existing one. When copying an existing project, Motion.io only copies the details that matter.

Customize Project Stages & Milestones


At the core of Motion.io is our Project Dashboard, allowing you to create a custom project with as many stages, milestones, and tasks as you need. Streamline your client onboarding and action items, while letting Motion.io always communicate the project status.

motion's project dashboard
making a task private in motion.io

Keep Internal Work Private


Don’t want your clients to see how the sausage is made? We don’t blame you. Just click the Lock toggle on any task and all of the task details and conversations are hidden from your clients.

One Click Due Date Changes


When you change a due date in Motion.io, our app allows you to adjust just this one due date or all subsequent ones by the same adjustment.

change all due dates in a project with a single click
creating a task from a comment in motion.io

Turn Comments into Tasks


Don’t let any client feedback slip through the cracks; with just a single click, you can turn any client comment into a task for your team to check off.

motion co-founders

Why we built Motion.io:

Our Founding Team at Motion.io knows the challenges of design work firsthand; we delivered over 10,000 web design projects in our previous agencies. While each of our agencies was unique, we all shared the same big problem:

Creative projects get stuck. Constantly.

Even though we all faced the same challenges, no software solved them properly. That’s why we’re building Motion.io.

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