Design Proofing, Multiple Assignees on Tasks, Shareable Portal Links, and More! – September 2023 Release Notes

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With Motion.io officially out of early access, our team’s commitment to making it the best client portal software available is stronger than ever.

Our latest release includes massive quality-of-life improvements alongside various highly requested features from our users.

Here’s a list of everything included in this latest release:

  • Design Proofing
  • Multiple assignees for tasks
  • Shareable portal links
  • Client toggle between portals
  • File & deliverable management
  • Ability to link To Do’s to Custom Tabs
  • Various improvements & bug fixes

Design Proofing

Design Proofing (formerly called “Image Feedback”) tasks have been a long-time favorite among our users, as their ability for clients to pin comments on design files removes the guesswork and makes getting clear and actionable feedback from clients painless.

In hearing from our users, another problem they communicated that would be amazing for Motion.io to solve as a part of Design Proofing tasks was efficiently tracking what design files clients had already approved and what files needed changes.

With our recent update, clients can now go one by one and click “Approve” or “Request Changes” on images you send through Design Proofing tasks, making it fast & easy to track which files need revisions and which look good as-is. And, if clients click “request changes,” Motion.io invites them to pin comments explaining what changes they need and automatically notifies your team to go in and respond.

Multiple Assignees on Tasks

Especially when working on larger client projects, it’s common to have multiple contact persons, all of whom need (or want) to be involved in the various tasks throughout the project.

In addition to giving Motion.io’s task composer a slick new facelift, we’ve added support for multiple task assignees — allowing you to assign tasks to as many individual clients at once as needed.

Shareable Portal Links

While Motion.io’s automatic reminder emails are a powerful tool for keeping clients in the loop and ensuring they provide the things you need to keep their projects moving forward, it’s a fact that clients inevitably miss, delete, or lose track of emails at some point.

With our latest update, you can quickly copy a client’s unique portal link and send it to them via email, text, or any other platform you use to communicate with them by pasting it into a message.

File & Deliverable Management

Instead of digging for information on whether a team member or a client uploaded a file, why a file was uploaded in the first place, and, most importantly — what file represents the final deliverable vs. a previous version, Motion.io’s powerful new file & deliverable management area keeps track of this information for you.

This latest update provides your team with an intuitive way to view, access, download, and delete files shared within a client portal. In addition to quickly being able to filter by all files, files uploaded by clients, and files uploaded by team members, you can also mark any files shared in a portal as deliverables, making it fast & easy to understand what files are the final versions a client has approved.

Toggle Between Client Portals

For projects that are especially large in scope, breaking out that one large project into several smaller, individual projects can provide clarity to both clients and your team.

To support this project management style, clients can now quickly toggle between Motion.io portals using a simple dropdown selector that appears at the top of each & every portal you’ve invited them to.

Link To Do’s to Custom Tabs

Custom Tabs are one of Motion.io’s most powerful features, as they allow you to connect any of the 3rd-party tools your business uses and give clients access to them in one centralized location.

Our latest update makes Custom Tabs even more powerful because when you create and assign To Do’s for a client to complete, you can link any of the To Do’s you’re assigning to Custom Tabs you’ve embedded your external tools into.

For a real-life example of how you can use this new functionality:

Let’s say you’ve connected a tool enabling your client to sign their contract and pay directly within a Custom Tab of their portal.

When you need your client to sign the contract and make their first payment, you can assign To Do’s for your client and link them directly to the software you’ve embedded into a Custom Tab.

Additional Improvements

Here’s a list of the additional improvements included in this release:

  • Team members can now delete files uploaded by clients
  • When creating a portal from a template, only files and comments added by team members will now copied over

That covers everything in our September 2023 release notes.

We’re already hard at work on another round of features and improvements, so be on the lookout for the next update from us in a few short weeks.

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