Internal Tasks, Video File Approvals, Global Template Updates, and More! April 2024 Release Notes

April 2024 release notes for Motion.io Client Onboarding Software. Featuring Internal Tasks, Video File Approvals, Global Template Updates, and More.

Alongside improvements to Motion.io’s existing functionality, our April 2024 release introduces new features to simplify and streamline your team’s internal project management.

Here’s a list of the key features and functionality included in this release:

  • Internal Tasks
  • Video File Approvals
  • Global Template Updates
  • Import Tasks & Stages
  • Project Dashboard Improvements
  • Stage Statuses
  • Various Improvements & Quality-of-Life Updates

Internal Tasks

We’re excited to share that Internal Tasks are now available for all Motion.io users with this release. Using this new functionality, you can now create and assign tasks to team members that communicate to clients what your team is working on and when they can expect it.

Click here to learn about Internal Tasks and using them in your Motion.io projects and portals.

Video File Approvals

In addition to getting client feedback and approval on images and PDFs, with this release, you can now upload video files for approval as well.

After adding video files to a task using Motion.io’s Attach Files request option, toggling ‘Require Client Approval’ will allow your client to watch the video directly in their Motion.io portal and leave time-stamped comments by typing into the box in the sidebar on the right.

Click here to learn how file attachments and approval requests work in Motion.io.

Global Template Updates

As your customer workflows evolve in Motion.io, updating your project templates with new project pages and tasks is often necessary. However, there was no way to apply updates you made to a template to all active projects previously created from it. 

Instead of manually updating active projects one by one, you can now apply changes you make to a project template to all active projects previously created from it with a single click. 

Click here to learn more about the new Global Template Updates functionality included in this release.

Import Tasks & Stages

Motion.io’s Import Tasks & Stages functionality lets you pull specific tasks and stages from a template into an active project.

While there are various ways your team can use this new functionality, one of the most common examples is for upsells or new packages a client might add post-onboarding:

Let’s say you operate a marketing agency, and a client signs up to have you rebuild their website. To onboard the client, you use your “Website Redesign” template. Down the road, however, the client also signs up for an SEO package you offer. Using Motion.io’s Import Tasks functionality, you could specify tasks and stages from a separate “SEO” template you’ve set up and import them into the client’s existing project without creating a new one.

Click here for additional guidance on importing tasks and stages into active projects in Motion.io. 

Project Dashboard Improvements

With this release, we’ve improved the project dashboard to help your team more quickly understand the status of each project and which ones need attention without opening each project individually.  

On the Project Dashboard, you’ll now see a list of all active stages within a project and a breakdown of active, completed, and overdue tasks within those stages. Hovering your mouse over any tasks in the breakdown will display their names and due dates.

Stage Statuses

Related to our improvements to Project Dashboard, this release also introduces the concept of stage statuses in Motion.io. Below, we’ll explain how each of the three Stage Statuses works.

1. Active: Any project stages with at least one active task (i.e., tasks that have been assigned and sent to a client but not yet completed) will be automatically set to the “Active” stage status and displayed with a breakdown in your Project Dashboard.

2. Completed: When all client tasks within a stage are complete, the status of that project stage will automatically update to “Completed.” Tasks within a stage marked as “Completed” status are visible to clients in their portals.

3. Archived: Regardless of a stage’s current status (and whether or not your clients completed the tasks within it), you can now hide stages to prevent them from appearing in your client’s portal. To archive a stage, click the three dots on the far right side and select “Archive/Hide Stage” from the dropdown.

Various Improvements & Quality of Life Updates

We’ve continued updating and improving the user experience for teams and clients within Motion.io.

Our April 2024 release includes the following:

  • e-Signature download in form exports: Instead of downloading signatures separately, PDF exports of forms will now include the client’s signature.
  • Manage team members in templates: To further simplify and streamline your client onboarding process, you can now add team members to project templates, which will automatically add them whenever a project is created from that template.
  • “Create Task” Zapier action: This new action enables you to create Zaps that automatically create and assign tasks to clients in Motion.io when an event or activity occurs in another app you’re using. Click here to learn more about the “Create task” Zapier action.
  • Increase to file upload limits: We’ve increased the number of files you can attach to a single client task from 20 to 50 (regardless of file type).

That covers everything in our April 2024 release notes.

If you want to learn more about Motion.io or need help getting started, click here to request a demo with a member of our team.

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